The Limitations of Right or Wrong

What do you notice within yourself when attempting to learn under the paradigm of right and wrong? In accelerated learning we find a vast increase of retention (and experience) with students who [...]

Mirror Image by Phillip Starr

In a previous post, The 12 Lessons of Psycho-Cybernetics, I discussed some of the key points of Psycho-Cybernetics. Psycho-Cybernetics was developed by Dr Maxwell Maltz, and is still referenced [...]


What is Your Story?

The stories we tell ourselves define our life. Most of these stories are the result of painful experiences from our past. We end up reliving the pain when we repeat the stories with emotion. For [...]


The End of Seeking

It’s interesting to me how we have become so conditioned to external seeking. Seeking things such as labels, teachers, events, partners, security, etc. The thought process becomes more [...]


The Codependency Trap

A codependency creates a sense of feeling powerless in a relationship. It cripples our self worth and makes it extremely difficult to progress with our goals and desires. We feel as though we [...]


The Game of Life

This thing called life is really a game, for the purpose of self-discovery and soul expansion. When we play this game and attempt to control or resist, we create more pain and stress. Stress [...]

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