The Limitations of Right or Wrong

What do you notice within yourself when attempting to learn under the paradigm of right and wrong? In accelerated learning we find a vast increase of retention (and experience) with students who [...]


Dealing With a Narcissist?

Recently, I was discussing the challenges of having a relationship with a possible narcissist. I use the term ‘possible’ as without a true test it’s difficult to say. You can [...]


Parenting Tips for ADHD

A while back I shared a post on Facebook titled Looking Back, which centered around some of my early struggles in life with learning disabilities. Depending on the doctor and my hyperactive level [...]


Stop Judging Me!

How often do you feel wrongfully judged? What do you notice within yourself when you feel judged? Feeling judged often triggers a reaction in us which causes us to unconsciously react with very [...]


30 Days without Critical Judgment

Here is an interesting experiment that vastly expands our awareness around the mental blocks that cause us to feel stuck in life. This experiment consists of going 30 days without any critical [...]

Judgment – Closing of the Heart

The basis of our life is freedom but personal judgment keeps us held prisoner in our own mind. When we judge and criticize others we create a disconnect within ourselves impacting our own inner [...]

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