Mirror Image by Phillip Starr

In a previous post, The 12 Lessons of Psycho-Cybernetics, I discussed some of the key points of Psycho-Cybernetics. Psycho-Cybernetics was developed by Dr Maxwell Maltz, and is still referenced [...]


Manifesting Our Desires

How often do you share a goal or desire that you have? What do you notice within yourself and your energy when you discuss it? Sometimes it can feed the desire and create other ideas or build [...]


Death to the Ego (and Self-Sabotage)

As discussed in the 12 lessons of psycho-cybernetics, we are goal oriented mechanisms. We thrive from achievement as it adds value and meaning to our lives. A goal that looks unattainable (or is [...]


3 Tips on Finding Your Life Purpose

Last year I attended a PhotoReading event with Paul Scheele co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation. While going through the training he brought up the topic around finding your purpose and [...]


Reclaiming Your Power

To often we give our power to another person or to the conditions of our life. The conditions do not have to control us, we can choose to rise above. Its a matter of shifting our perception as we [...]


Our Core Beliefs

Have you ever pondered on the core beliefs that run your life? For example, take the belief that “life is difficult” and think about what that implies to your unconscious. If you take [...]

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