Dealing With a Narcissist?

Recently, I was discussing the challenges of having a relationship with a possible narcissist. I use the term ‘possible’ as without a true test it’s difficult to say. You can [...]


You’ve Changed

One of the greatest compliments I received from a friend was “you’ve changed”. Life is always changing and if we are doing our inner work, we are going to change. We become more present and stop [...]


Labels and our Identity with Dis-ease

The nature of our persona (ego) is fascinating to me. It has the potential to attach to ideas, labels and beliefs, making them a part of our identity. Once they become a part of our identity it [...]


In Love, There is No Fear

When we are in love, there is no fear. It’s impossible to have fear when we are submerged in the presence of love. By love, I’m not referring to the egoic idea of love which stems [...]


Are You Reliving Your Past?

Anytime we bring up past emotion into a present experience we end up reliving our past pain in the present moment. The result is amplified conflict, as the present situation is no longer about [...]

8 Tips to Help with Depression

Depression clouds our mind and heart, creating a disconnect within the self. We become overwhelmed with sadness, doubts and fears. It can be quite crippling and the solutions are different for [...]

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