The Limitations of Right or Wrong

What do you notice within yourself when attempting to learn under the paradigm of right and wrong? In accelerated learning we find a vast increase of retention (and experience) with students who [...]


Living From The Heart

As children, before conditioning, we radiate love and openness to life. We live more presently with gratitude in every moment. We look at life with so much appreciation and joy. It’s pure [...]


3 Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition

Have you ever had intuitive nudges or gut feelings about some event or circumstance in your life? We are all highly intuitive beings and anyone can develop or strengthen their intuitive [...]


Parenting Tips for ADHD

A while back I shared a post on Facebook titled Looking Back, which centered around some of my early struggles in life with learning disabilities. Depending on the doctor and my hyperactive level [...]


Creativity, the Art of Self-Expression

One of the greatest feelings is to express yourself through the art of creation. For it’s in the act of creating that allows for us to lose ourselves in the moment and be completely present [...]