The Limitations of Right or Wrong

What do you notice within yourself when attempting to learn under the paradigm of right and wrong? In accelerated learning we find a vast increase of retention (and experience) with students who [...]

The Black Sheep

Have you ever felt like the proverbial “black sheep of the family”? My perspective on the black sheep is someone that thinks and does things very differently from the rest of their [...]


The Honeymoon Phase

Recently, I met a woman that deeply compliments my life. Our energies dance perfectly together. We met in April (after talking for a few months), and within that first moment of our eyes [...]


Why such an Emphasis on Love?

The other day I was asked why I have such an emphasis on love. I see love as our natural state of being, the very spark that ignites our existence. This essence of love is completely free from [...]


Healing Emotional Wounds

We have all experienced some pain or conflict in life that has wounded us emotionally. These emotional wounds create triggers causing us to be more reactive to circumstances. When we react, we [...]


The Victim Mentality Trap

When we live from the victim mentality, we become more cynical, judgmental and reactive to others. We end up reacting with all our past pain and trauma in every present situation. This causes us [...]

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