The Black Sheep

Have you ever felt like the proverbial “black sheep of the family”? My perspective on the black sheep is someone that thinks and does things very differently from the rest of their [...]


What is Your Story?

The stories we tell ourselves define our life. Most of these stories are the result of painful experiences from our past. We end up reliving the pain when we repeat the stories with emotion. For [...]


You’ve Changed

One of the greatest compliments I received from a friend was “you’ve changed”. Life is always changing and if we are doing our inner work, we are going to change. We become more present and stop [...]


Healing Emotional Wounds

We have all experienced some pain or conflict in life that has wounded us emotionally. These emotional wounds create triggers causing us to be more reactive to circumstances. When we react, we [...]


Parenting Tips for ADHD

A while back I shared a post on Facebook titled Looking Back, which centered around some of my early struggles in life with learning disabilities. Depending on the doctor and my hyperactive level [...]


Labels and our Identity with Dis-ease

The nature of our persona (ego) is fascinating to me. It has the potential to attach to ideas, labels and beliefs, making them a part of our identity. Once they become a part of our identity it [...]

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