As we continue across this path of self-discovery, we come to understand our Dharma, or purpose in life. As we analyze all our beliefs, thoughts, and actions we uncover our most authentic self. In this process of self-realization we awaken our full potential and passion for life. This journey of self-discovery allows for us to ‘experience’ the inner most aspects of life.

The purpose of my blog is to share my passions and philosophy on life in hope that by sharing such; others may find more peace, experience more energy and awaken greater potential.


James-Simon Schmidt faceshot As a kid I struggled from learning disabilities (Dyslexia, ADD and severe anxiety).  Depending on the doctor, and also depending on my hyperactive level at that time, I was diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. The combination of these challenges crippled my self-esteem and confidence at a very early age.  Having to learn how to heal and outgrow these challenges (without any medications), was the spark that ignited my passion around learning and human potential.

As a teenager I was involved in several auto accidents, as well as a farm machinery accident. Finding myself unconscious and yet still aware of my surroundings for those brief seconds started a never ending process of questioning our abilities as humans and the inner workings of life.

After college I dove into eastern philosophy which led to training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. My teacher at the time also introduced me to meditation (sitting in silence) and as a result, I have become a dedicated meditation practitioner for many years.

My passion for learning continued to expand through dedicated self-studies on human potential, mysticism, metaphysics, philosophy and mental science. One of my favorite books to study was The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. I have also expanded on training (and certifications) in Reiki, Qigong, Hypnosis, Mesmerism, NLP and PhotoReading. This unique combination served greatly for reviewing and comparing different techniques on treating and healing the body, as well as maximizing potential.

James-Simon Schmidt - rock climbing photoI found meditation and self-reflection to be a key for healing myself from the auto accidents by changing the impressions under a relaxed state of mind. Through this experience I have found that we seem to heal so naturally when we get out of our own way – through the path of least resistance.

This has led me to the understanding that anything can be changed, when we reflect, analyze and question all our thoughts and limitations. The result of going deep within to shed conditioning and remember who we are as we dive into the heart. I write about these experiences and more throughout my blog and upcoming books.