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Have you ever pondered on the bodies ability to heal itself? How do you view dis-ease with the body? When the body has an imbalance, symptoms begin to occur. Over time, it can develop into something more serious. Personally, I have found an emotional component to every imbalance and challenge we face in life. In a way, the physical body mirrors our emotional (energical) body. As we address the emotional component, healing and relief often follow.

Several years ago, I was battling dis-ease and the DR’s wanted to do all sorts of invasive tests. While I appreciate western medicine for some aspects, this was not an avenue I wished to embark on. So instead of proceeding with what the doctors suggested, I decided to test other options. During my younger years I had many childhood struggles, as discussed in ADHD. During that time, I went through the process of rebuilding myself in many aspects. In the process of rebuilding, I felt drawn into various studies on placebo effects and the power of the mind, energy healing and alternative medicine.

What I did

Initially, I took a logical approach by educating myself on every ingredient I consumed and used in the household. I increased my nutrient intake and worked to decrease my inflammation while balancing the pH levels in my body. I cut out all gum, soda, candy and preservatives as I educated myself on their ingredients. I did a short juice fast on wheat grass. I cut out alcohol and caffeine. I created hypnotic programs to help induce the state of well being and developed an Out-of-Body (OBE) practice. The OBE practice I found worked well to help me release control, which actually cleared some deep fears, enhancing my ability to visualize and feel. I also looked at the fragrances and chemicals in every product I used. Through ingredient awareness, I ended up changing out all detergents, cleaning supplies, and skincare products I was using. Little did I know, that years later it would lead to creating a clean, organic, botanical-based skincare line with my honey. Our skincare business is called OMAURA SKIN and our mission is to help change the nature of skincare, along with awareness around harmonizing the mind-body-soul connected system for a thriving lifestyle.

Tell no-one

One key component that I discovered through the years was to tell NO one about your struggles. I spoke of my dis-ease to NO ONE. Mostly this was due to the lack of anyone’s ability to hold the space. Most people will respond with worry and fear. For example, the fear of losing a loved one due to the worst possible outcome. When we look to others to define what’s possible we find limitations. For example, if I were to say I’m trying to heal myself, not only does that imply that I’m not already healed, but it also brings me into the level of the ego, and that is NOT where healing takes place. I found it’s best to discuss it after the healing has taken place, not during. Let the results speak for themselves. Discussions around self-healing often trigger others into validation-based questions or fears, such as “How are you going to do that?” or “that’s impossible”, etc. The emotional triggering is often due to the challenges it imposes on their beliefs. This also helps avoid getting cornered into trying to explain or defend yourself, which if you not solid in your faith and abilities, can easily lead you down the path of doubt and fear. So I said nothing and continued creating methods to enhance my intention and focus on my desired outcome.

Healing and the brain

Throughout my journey, I found my initial approach to be incomplete. As I realized how the body heals and the shift in the brain that occurs during this process, I learned (and experienced) the shift in mental patterns that occur as we heal. These mental patterns, changes can be induced and intended. It is a right-brain (hemisphere) activity which follows feeling-based impressions. The left-brain is seen as being more analytical, logical, linear and detail oriented. The right-brain is seen as being more creative, non-linear, non-rational and intuitive. Induced healing, often defined as miraculous healing, is a feeling-based impression that’s accepted as true and materializes in the body. Society conditions us to focus more on left-brain functionality, often to the point of overriding the right-brain activity. When we experience a miraculous healing while measuring our brainwaves, we find a vast increase in right-brain activity while the left-brain activity measures very low. Meditation, a practice of learning how to silent the mind can greatly benefit this process. Personally, I see it as a result of a belief that has matured into knowing, and once knowing is developed the impression is accepted and the desired outcome unfolds.

What I found

Initially I focused on external changes and less about my thoughts and emotional state of being. So while they helped drastically, I realized my situation was going to require me to go deeper. As I expanded upon my daily meditation practice, I combined these methods to help me get into a relaxed state of mind while visualizing the end result. Then all throughout the day, I shifted my focus away from symptoms and back into the end result. I starved attention from problems or symptoms and continued to live solely from my imagination, with the end result in mind. Once my mind accepted the end result of health and well being, that became the outcome. But it required a very soft approach, any sort of mental effort or force actually did the opposite and exacerbated my symptoms. In this I realized that I had to grow through the phases, to shift from believing into knowing and thereby healing. When we come to know something, there is a complete absence of doubt. We no longer look at things logically, but imaginatively.

Final thoughts

We don’t address things by giving attention to the actual problem, we address them by starving attention from the problem while focusing solely on the desired outcome. It’s learning how to develop an absence of contradictory thoughts. For myself, I combined a variety of methods along with my well-being programs, which I plan to share soon. My primary focus was to ease all resistance within, which is basically any sort of force, effort, judgment, reactive emotions, or anxious aspects of the self. Now, I’m not advocating for anyone to avoid the medical system. In many cases it may help you on your healing journey. What I am suggesting, is to reflect on where you’re placing your power. Initially, I placed my power in food, ingredients, chemicals, and in that I was giving all my power away to external sources. This impacted my emotional state of being and caused me to remain emotionally reactive. It creates additional stress on the body and mind, which adds resistance and challenges to quieting the mind and directing our imagination. Anymore, while I might have a preference I continue to remain fluid and avoid subscribing to diets or eating plans. I simply listen to my own inner guidance, which I have found to be accurate 100% of the time. I have also found moderation to work quite well and my body continues to respond with health and vitality. The key is to be free from inner-voids, which feed the patterns of addictions.

We all have this inner guidance available to us, through the depths of silence within. Explore that and notice what you find out for yourself. The things we focus on expand, and silence will reveal whats going on beneath the surface. Possibility, starts with belief and anything is possible with an open and fluid mind. What are you believing?

Until next time,

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