The Light is Within the Darkness

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Are there aspects of yourself that you’re avoiding to reflect on? In the spiritual arena, there are many methods to help you strengthen your connection to life, especially for facing the darkness within. These same methods can also be used to avoid facing the darkness, as discussed in spiritual bypassing, so it’s important to remain authentic to your higher self.

I liken the darkness, this deep inner work, as “the dark nights of the soul”. Often we avoid facing this due to triggering of fears and anxiety, that is until we are forced to face it. The triggering is tied to the persona (ego) as it attempts to grasp onto its existing beliefs which become threatened as our awareness expands. By remaining mindful of this we can develop a sense of calmness as we pass through the darkness. The secret is in learning how to release and this is enhanced by dropping into the heart with a present mind.

Passing through the darkness…

What I have found by going deeper into the dark aspects of myself were gifts wrapped in disguise. Each painful experience contained within it a gift that matched a particular desire. For example, I desired freedom of mind so all my darkest fears rose to the surface from the unconscious to the conscious. This was not consciously driven, but the result of a desire which seemingly made things worse so they could become better. We have to face the things we wish to become free of. The “seemingly worse” is the result of the persona, which attempts to grasp on for survival as it shifts from the ‘known’ to the ‘unknown’. It’s a crumbling of the old self that triggers the pain.

Inducing an OBE…

One method that worked well for me was combining self-hypnosis and meditation to induce an out-of-body experience, as a way to release everything and completely let go. It was very much like a symbolic death and the first few times my mind freaked out, but by inducing this with self-hypnosis I was able to remain somewhat calm throughout this process. In my opinion, this is really a process of deconstructing the ego which comes in layers. Any time I faced a challenge, I would induce this as a measure to ‘see’ it more objectively. This later led me to more in-depth practices of out-of-body exploration which I’ll elaborate on in future posts.

Less mind, more heart…

We shut down from painful experiences and the key here is to release those experiences and open up to avoid reliving the past. It’s this shutting down that creates a disconnect within our self which impacts our ability to feel and connect to the core of our being. This is instrumental for healing and maximizing our potential. We expand on this by being more present with our thoughts and actions and by incorporating a daily meditative practice.

As we take time in silence to sit with our thoughts and emotions we build more strength to face the darkness. As we face this darkness, we transform and light is revealed. The light and the dark no longer appear as two separate aspects but rather one in the same. The separation of the two is the illusion. I am convinced this is where the deeper healing takes place.

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