Spiritual Bypassing – Avoiding the Trap

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Spiritual bypassing is the act of using spiritual concepts to avoid facing painful emotions and unhealed wounds. It’s a form of avoidance that provides a sense of temporary relief and possibly emotional highs, while ignoring the deeper inner work and changes for transformation and healing.

The journey…

When you start the inner journey you’ll notice more pain arise as the unconscious comes to your awareness. Most people stop at this point and look for ways to sooth the pain or find temporary relief and avoid doing the deeper inner work. It is dark, it is painful, but that is where the real inner work and healing takes place. There is no easy path and if you find yourself looking for an easy approach or avoiding some changes, chances are you are falling into the spiritual bypassing trap. However, by going into the pain you liberate your self and healing follows at all levels with the mind, body and soul.

Resolving old wounds…

You can resolve any emotional wound if you put the time and effort into yourself. You can also change anything in regards to how you ‘see’ and ‘feel’ about yourself. It does require you to go deep within and do the inner work and only YOU can do this. It’s this work, the passing through the dark nights of the soul, that reveals the light within the darkness. Using mindful techniques such as practicing presence, reflective silence and meditation will greatly benefit. The key is to remain authentic to your emotions and your higher self.

Facing the pain…

Notice what pain you are avoiding. Notice if you are trying to avoid people so you can avoid conflict. People are only reflecting the deeper aspects of your unconscious so that you can expand your awareness and heal. It’s one thing to choose healthier people in your life, but it’s another thing altogether if you’re avoiding people in general due to discomfort or pain. The things you’re avoiding are often the things that will lead you to healing.

You can definitely determine a difference between someone who has done the work to heal and someone who is still living from the pain. The pain causes one to be overly cynical and critical of others, often blaming them for their ‘reactions’. This is really a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Exercise compassion and go about your path. As you do, reflect on the experience and notice if anything comes up within yourself to release.

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