Finding Your Soul Mate

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The idea of a soul mate is an interesting concept. What do you think of when it comes to a soul mate? Do you think there is only one person out there for you?

In Good Will Hunting, there is a line by Robin Williams wherein he states “a soul mate is someone who challenges you”. This is a great perspective as it’s not limited to a single person. For me personally I like the concept of a soul mate being the self, that is realizing unity and completeness within so you can then share that with another.

Becoming your soul mate…

Think about everything a soul mate offers to you and then work to become that yourself. Start expressing that same love and appreciation to yourself. As stated in The Perfect Relationship a good relationship with another starts by first having a healthy relationship with yourself. Once you feel healthy and complete within you become more equipped to appreciate another that compliments your life. This allows for greater fluidity with love – the infinite freedom and expansion that it is.

The loneliness trap…

Often it seems people get lonely and then look for another person to fill that void. The challenge here is that if you don’t feel complete within, you will never feel complete with another. If there is discomfort in being alone with yourself you will find more conflict with another due to the unconscious fears and projections. By embracing the discomfort you liberate yourself. We’ve become conditioned to avoid these emotions and fears, and it’s by facing them that we heal and free ourselves. Spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness can be very beneficial for facing these emotions.

Soul to soul connection…

When you fully embrace yourself and live more mindfully you have more clarity as you seek out a like partner. When two people who have done this work come together, they meet each others’ soul. There is no shell nor representative, it’s a direct heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection. It’s a mutual ‘seeing’ of each other without the ideas and beliefs that confine us.

We get to this place by making personal development a priority. By doing the inner work with yourself and incorporating mindful techniques, such as questioning your thoughts, practicing presence and meditation. By combining these techniques, which I’ll elaborate further on a future post, your awareness expands around your thoughts allowing you to observe while you are thinking without judgment.

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