Why I am not a Yogi

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There are many benefits to practicing yoga. While I practice Yoga quite often, I rarely refer to myself as a Yogi. Yoga itself can be very dogmatic filled with rules and conditions as a way to measure and control ones progress. Have you ever pondered on the limitations this imposes?

Anytime we have control we have limitations as it keeps us ‘boxed in’ with our thoughts and beliefs, vastly limiting our growth and experiences. Systems or ‘schools of thought’ are often clothed in limiting beliefs as a measure to protect and sustain the system.  The teachings are often taught in a way to control (limit) the students growth for the sake of the system. Many of the concepts are simply passed down from one teacher to another without ever being questioned.

The challenge here is that we automatically adapt their beliefs and limitations. Just like the limiting beliefs around the 4 minute mile as discussed in 21 days to form a habit?.

Learning with an inquisitive mind…

What I’m advocating here is learning through an open and inquisitive mind.  Always questioning as your learning, while remaining respectful in the process. For example, you wouldn’t interrupt a teacher to point out all the possible limitations, but within yourself you would start to see those limitations and be able to release them through your own questioning and expanded awareness.  Through the questioning we remove the limitations and open doors to amazing potential.

Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.

Try questioning everything you believe to be true and notice what happens within yourself.  At first the mind starts to freak out as it feels the discomfort in relinquishing control, but then in the midst of mental chaos freedom rises up from within.  Through this experience, you awaken your own internal guidance system.

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