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Have you ever pondered on the core beliefs that run your life? For example, take the belief that “life is difficult” and think about what that implies to your subconscious. If you take two people, one with the belief that “life is difficult” and the other with the belief of “life flows for me”, you will find one struggling while the other naturally experiences more peace and joy.

The first belief makes us more resistant to life while the other belief naturally places us in a more present state of mind. As we ponder on core beliefs like these we start to see how challenging it is to change our experiences if we do not first address the source, our core beliefs. These beliefs are deep and sometimes it requires effort and repetition to change.

Questioning beliefs…

In order to bring our core beliefs to our awareness we need to reflect and question our thoughts and actions. By questioning and reflecting we expand our awareness around why we do what we do. As our awareness expands we learn how to release our old core beliefs that no longer serve us.

For example, say you want to experience more joy but you have the belief that “life is difficult”. The challenge here is the core beliefs run our subconscious thoughts and actions. If we continue to replay the old belief such as life is difficult, we condition ourselves to think and prepare for the worst possible outcome. It’s core beliefs like these that cause us to self-sabotage our own progress.

Letting go…

Life is a never-ending process of letting go and releasing all that no longer serves us. This leads us to adapting new methods of thinking and living. When we carry around the pain of the past we continue to repeat the same experiences. By releasing the pain and keeping the wisdom, we become free within. More importantly we stop self-sabotaging at its core.

Mental impressions…

Whatever we impress the mind with we continue to live out and experience until the impression is changed. These impressions are the food for our core beliefs. Most of our impressions are the result of our childhood programming. To change these impressions we need to get clear on how we want to feel and what we want to experience.

Changing Beliefs…

Start by focusing on a clear picture of how you would like to see your life and how you would like to feel. Then, quiet your mind and visualize this picture with feeling. Feel the feeling while maintaining a calm and relaxed state of mind. See it as being real in the moment without associating it to any circumstances. When we associate it to circumstances we make it conditional and futuristic. Impressions are changed when focusing in the present moment.

By getting a clear picture and holding that image with intensified feeling, we change the impressions in our mind resulting in more immediate results. Practice the technique of silencing your mind and visualizing a clear picture with intensified feeling until it becomes natural. Once it becomes natural you will see the results of the changed belief. Play with it for yourself and notice what you experience.

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