Resistance, the Path to Suffering

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Resistance is like driving through life with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brakes. You get where you’re going, but you’re tense, burned out and leave a trail of smoke. When we are resistant to life we are quick to react to every challenge or conflict we face. The result is uncontrolled emotions and unprocessed pain that continues to dictate our life. We become a reactor to life and often blame our reactions on other people and circumstances as an attempt to justify our own behaviors.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
― C.G. Jung

We must be willing to reflect on our unconscious if we wish to change the disruptive patterns in our life. Are you often tense and easily agitated? And do you react or respond to situations in life? Do you welcome change? As we reflect on these questions we get an idea of what is our most dominate state that we reside in during our day.

Resistance, the cause of all pain…

Resistance causes us to relive (and replay) our past emotions and pain. It harbors anger and resentment which cripples our self-worth. This floods our body with stress and anxiety often triggering our fight-or-flight response. It causes us to shutdown to life, becoming very hard and cynical towards the self and others. Many holistic texts refer to resistance as being the cause of all dis-ease.

When we stop resisting, we stop shrinking and we expand. We become more able to embrace who and what we are. We naturally start to reflect and question more on life. Our ability to feel is also vastly increased as we drop out of our mind and into our heart. We become more mindful of our thoughts and actions, as we learn to breathe and reflect versus explode and react to the throes of life.

Letting go, embracing life…

To have a different experience we must be willing to do things differently and this starts with your thoughts and actions on life. It’s the opposite of waging ‘war’ on something, which implies a constant battle within. We must instead be willing to embrace and release that which we want to change. This helps us pass through the emotional phases of healing for faster processing and release.

Make time in your day for meditation and reflection to aid with letting go. By reflecting and letting go we become more fluid with life. We release the resistance and embrace the natural flow to life. We also become less fearful to change and instead of being threatened by it we learn how to welcome and embrace it. Most importantly, we surrender to life. This is the path to healing and inner peace.

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