True Love

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Recently, I was discussing the topic of true love with a friend and they mentioned they had never experienced true love, and questioned if it even existed.

What is true love to you?

To me, true love is complete freedom of authentic self-expression. The ability to fully express oneself honestly and authentically without concern. So… how do we get there?

Starting within…

An experience of true love must start from within, by falling completely in love with our self. We do this by fully embracing ALL aspects of ourselves unconditionally.

By dropping into the presence of your being and visualizing you embracing and expressing you. Once this is solidified in your mind, it becomes easier for you to express physically in person. In practicing this, we release of all internal value judging and self-condemnation.

Love is freedom…

Love to me is complete freedom. The minute we try to contain it, control it, or attach to it – we experience pain. However by embracing it through authentic self-expression we tap into the core of who and what we are. In doing this, we awaken this deep infinitely expanding unconditional love from within.

This is true love for the self and once we experience this within we are able to recognize it in another. When two people come together with their own true love, they experience something great in life. This is satori.

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