Getting Past your Breakup

Have you recently gone through a relationship breakup? Do you feel lost or stuck now that you’re alone? If so you might find the following beneficial.

When we part from a serious relationship it can be very challenging to get back to our self, shifting from a we perspective back to an I. Last year was a year of big change for me, one being the end of a 6 year relationship where we were engaged to get married. The following tips greatly helped me heal and embrace the change.

Stopping doubt…

Its important to let go of all those ‘what if’ thoughts. If the relationship would have worked, the outcome would be different. So why argue with reality? This will also stop the endless cycle of those “what if” thoughts in your mind.

Timing in relationships is one of the main causes of failure. Often one is triggered from past pain and thereby shuts down in the relationship causing the relationship to become stagnant. This is usually unconscious. However it serves a point that both parties need to be at the same place together, to be/remain fully open for the relationship to grow and flourish.

The power of reflection…

When you go through a breakup its important to take time and reflect on the situation, the relationship, and yourself. This is crucial for getting you back to you again. Often we move out of a relationship only to find another partner that has very similar traits, sort of repeating our experiences. If you want to avoid that – take the necessary time to reflect and heal. This is also how we avoid projecting old pain and hurt onto a future relationship.

One thing that has greatly helped me was making a list of all my serious partners, writing down all that I liked and disliked about each. I included how I treated them and how I felt I was treated from an objective view, without any stories or pain. I then reviewed all the commonalities to uncover where I was repeating similar experiences in my relationships. Personally, I believe we continue to repeat all our experiences through other people until we clear it from our own consciousness.

Looking at relationships as Mirrors

A person can only reflect that which is inside you. For every “you” turn it around and see where that exists within yourself. You’ve heard the phrase “wherever you go there you are”. If you want to avoid going through same experiences with different people, reflection is crucial for expanding your awareness.

Often we will find, the traits that we are most attracted to in another are traits that are dormant within our self, just waiting to be embraced. On flip side, the traits that trigger us also exist in our unconscious. We must be as willing to embrace the light as well as the darkness within our self. This is how we heal and release all the components of our life that no longer serve us. See the reflection in your partner, observe it and you will find yourself more able to embrace your own authenticity.

Shifting your Perspective…

Perspective is everything. When we come out of a long term relationship we are quick to focus on everything that we have lost. What if we instead looked at everything we are gaining?

For myself at first it was all about losing a friend, a partner in life and with business, a home, etc. However, once I shifted to what I was gaining the losses were no longer a concern. This also allowed me to see the situation more objectively and honestly with myself, which was a huge paradigm shift.

To free your mind and maintain an open heart, continue to reflect and meditate. As you will find, a clear mind is free from pain and an open heart allows you to embrace the love from within. I hope these tips help you with your healing and growth.

Until next time,

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