Embracing your feelings

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Have you ever felt sad only to find yourself thinking that you shouldn’t feel sad? It seems that we tend to suppress the negative feelings while we over emphasize the positive. Both are equally important for one leads to the other, but the key is through the path of least resistance. For example, if we feel sad and resist that feeling, we end up suppressing our sadness. When we do this the emotions sink into our unconscious and eventually resurface in a more explosive manor, usually leading to an emotional break down of some sorts.

What we resist, persists.

The feelings do not go away until we embrace them. When we are resisting an emotion, its continues to persist and amplify until eventually we are forced to face it. This impacts our level of presence and also leads to more extreme emotional highs and lows, making it very difficult to embrace joy and peace in life.

Embracing what is…

By fully embracing ‘what is’ we actually feel through (and process) the emotion much faster. This leads to a quicker release of the emotion and often a personal transformation. Think of it as becoming one with our feelings in the moment. As we do this we are able to release and often heal the source where the emotions stem from. Once the emotion is released we then have the ability to shift our focus with greater clarity into a more desirable thought.

It’s a process of letting go while embracing all aspects of your self, true honest self-expression. So if you’re feeling sad, embrace it, feel it and breathe through it. You’ll find yourself passing through the sadness much faster, only to find joy on the other end.

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