Love – The Language of Intuition

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Have you ever thought of someone and then had the phone ring and find them on the other end? We are all highly intuitive beings. For some it might appear more natural than for others, but anyone can learn how to understand and strengthen it. I liken it to a mental muscle which speaks through the presence of love.

Intuition can serve us greatly for insights when feeling stuck, finding that perfect partner, or facing any of life’s challenging decisions. Nowadays I utilize intuition for any challenge I might face and it continues to work in my favor – as long as I remain present and open in the process.

The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.
-Sioux legend

The mind and the heart are vastly connected and working with your intuition strengthens that connection. The heart itself is believed to have its own brain and produces a powerful electromagnetic field around the body. There are some excellent details about this in the inspirational film – The Power of the Heart, which discusses how this relates to our intuition.

Intuition speaks through love…

Our intuition is always speaking and attempting to guide us. It’s only requirement is to be open and silent long enough to hear and feel its communication. Self-love and acceptance are crucial for you to remain open and deepen your level of presence. The greater you expand on self-love the greater you enhance your connection between your mind and heart for a stronger intuition.

When we are cynical, judgmental, critical, condemning of ourselves or others we become dead inside. When we are in this state it is very difficult to ‘hear’ or ‘feel’ anything outside of the pain and frustration, especially our intuition as it communicates through the language of love.

Strengthen your intuition…

It seems when we get hurt our conditioned response is to close up, but it is through opening up that allows for us to go beyond the pain through healing and into greater expansion. When we are closed off to others we are also closed off to ourselves. We must be willing to open up if we want to heal and this is crucial for learning and strengthening our intuition.

Take a few moments before sleep every night and just breathe and listen. Feel and observe the changes that occur within yourself. This helps you learn how to feel throughout your body and understand its signals for your intuition. Work on your self-esteem by fully accepting and loving yourself, while putting a halt to any negative self-talk that you might have going on. Work to be more present throughout your day by going back to your breath anytime the mind starts wandering. Intuition speaks through a present mind and feels through an open heart.

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