The Beginners Mind

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The concept of Zen is to look upon life without any fixed limits. I liken it to becoming like a child again, looking at life as though we are seeing it for the first time – every time. As we take the beginners mind approach we become free once again.

“The goal of practice is always to keep our beginner’s mind.”
― Shunryu Suzuki

Have you ever sought out advice but then proceeded to criticize every suggestion?

If we are quick to react with “I KNOW” or some other response to criticize, we vastly limit our experience and greatly enhance our resistance towards life. When we have resistance we have more stress and anxiety which hinders our level of presence and freedom.

However, if we remain infinitely curious we expand into deeper states of presence and here we find insights in nearly every conversation, every act, every observation.

There is a level of awareness that resides in the stillness above thought. This awareness has no voice and yet speaks to us through our own intuition.

As we observe nature we see this everywhere and our experience of this deepens through the practice of an empty mind. Its like the phrase ‘thinking outside the box‘ only here we find there is no box.

Often we find ourselves overthinking things in life resulting in more struggle and less joy. It becomes simple again when we take a moment in silence and clear our mind anytime we have conflicting thoughts or emotions. For it is through an empty mind that we find the clarity and guidance that we seek.

The beauty resides in the emptiness of the self. As we experience this we expand into the realms of infinite wisdom and possibility.

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