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How active are you on social media? If you’re an artist or looking to sell a product or service online, you’ll find Twitter as an excellent social media tool for expanding your online presence. Here are some tips on Twitter to help expand your visibility.

Unable to follow?

If your unable to follow anymore, this is due to how twitter is structured. Basically, you are limited based on your ratio of followers to following, which is stated to be different for everyone. So if your unable to follow you use an app like crowdfire to unfollow those that are not following you and you will then be able to follow others.

Expanding your online presence…

It seems like there is this perception that if you have more followers than follows you’re seen as greater authority. Unless your famous and have little desire to expand your visibility, you might want to consider trading follows with others of similar passions. As the lack of engagement can greatly impact your visibility.

Instead of focusing to much on numbers, such as how many followers you have, what I am suggesting here is to focus more on your engagement. You will find by following others with similar passions and sharing their content, often they end up following you back and sharing your content. This simple interaction alone will help expand your presence with others and bring awareness to your content.

If you’re followed by someone that you share an equal passion why not follow back? This is what leads to expanding your online visibility and in social media terms – a greater return on investment (ROI).

Personally, I have a rule that if I’m not followed back I rarely consider their product or service. If I’m unable to have any sort of authentic connection online its a good indication what they have to offer is just not for me.

If you’re a coach or offering an online service this is an important factor to consider. As its through authentic engagement that expands your presence with a far greater impact.

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