Finding Strength in Stillness

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When we are fully present and embrace the stillness we uncover a great power within ourselves. Have you ever pondered on the question – “Who Am I?”. As you do, go beyond your definition of yourself – all that you think and believe yourself to be. Go into the silence of your being and notice what arises. As you observe from this silence you awaken your true self, the source of strength and confidence.

Egoic vs source confidence…

When it comes to confidence we have this confidence of the persona (ego) and then we have this deep confidence from the depths of our being, a source confidence. Both equally serve a purpose, its just a matter of which takes the lead that impacts your level of focus and power.

The egoic confidence seeks and feeds off external circumstances such as money, job title, or other like measures. Your source confidence is more of a deep knowing within yourself. This ‘knowing’ consists of a deep understanding around who you are, what you are, and what you’re about. It’s through this knowing that leads us into deeper experiences of our true self. The difference between egoic and source confidence is that one can be easily shaken where the other is more solid than the ground we stand upon.

Your faith in God is measured by your confidence in yourself.
~Neville Goddard

We all have this inner dialogue that consists of how we think and feel about ourselves. Its how you think and more importantly ‘feel’ that dictates your level of joy, confidence and thereby faith within yourself and your abilities. In order to develop this deep unwavering faith and confidence, you must start by fully accepting yourself completely and unconditionally.

Meditation and self-reflection are great tools for learning how to quiet your mind and embrace the stillness within yourself. Add deep breathing throughout your day and you’ll find yourself naturally becoming more present in each moment. Relaxed eye gazing in the mirror with feeling-based assertions are also extremely effective. If you feel stuck in your progress try these simple methods repeatedly and see how they work for you.

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