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There are many possibilities when it comes to treating dis-ease in the body. The following post consists of various perspectives for treating and healing the body, along with information on documented healings backed by scientific studies. In addition, several treatment centers, which combine standard care along with nutrition and other alternative options are listed below for your reference.

I believe it was A Course in Miracles that stated “All dis-ease comes from a state of unforgiveness” and “whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who it is that we need to forgive”. Perhaps it comes down to something as simple as self-acceptance. Either way, the depths of the mind are infinite when you travel beyond beliefs. So when it comes to healing the body, there are many considerable factors. For this particular post, I will focus primarily on Alternative and Complementary treatments.

What is Alternative and Complementary Medicine?

Alternative and Complementary Medicine consists of products and practices that reside outside of the standard care. Standard care, would fall along the lines of Medical Doctors and Pharmaceuticals. Some examples of alternative and complementary medicine would consists of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gigong, Reiki and Nutrition just to name a few.

While standard care may work just fine, there are a great deal of options out there to treat dis-ease with out the harmful side-effects.  It is my hope that the following helps you along your path for greater health.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine regarding Dis-ease

Dis-ease in the body is merely a disruption in the natural cycle or flow. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective dis-ease is seen like a blockage in the body, and nothing more. In the western world we tend to apply more judgement and thereby label things.

When we remove the judgement we are able to look at things with a much different perspective. For example, what if cancer was treated like a common cold vs a death sentence? How much differently do you think the outcome might be?

More and more studies are revealing the power of thought and its ability to help others heal or even yourself. Knowing this, what if we treated all forms of dis-ease like the common cold? How do you think that small shift in perception might impact ones ability to heal?

Documented Healings…
Many healers actually view all diseases in this very way, without judgement. There was a study that consisted of 3 Qigong healers and a patient with a tumor, that was monitored by scientists and medical Doctors. The result was a tumor dissolving in a few minutes while the Qigong healers chanted over the patient. They captured the tumor shrinking down to nothing while also monitoring the brain activity on both the healers and patient. Their brain activity was equally interesting, the Qigong healers left hemisphere dropped very low while their right hemisphere was off the charts. When the healers were done the scientists and doctors asked what they saw with the patient prior to the healing as they were not informed prior on the patients tumor. The healers stated the body just needed to be balanced as they had observed and felt a blockage but placed no judgement upon anything. Its believed judgement and labels create more blocks with the healing process.

Similar studies have been done with the placebo affect and knee surgery that was observed over a 3 year period. The group of individuals with similar knee problems were all in for the same type of surgery. The Doctors would perform the same surgery for all patients, where group A would receive the actual surgery with the Doctor talking through the steps, and group B would experience the same process with the Doctor cutting them open and talking through the steps without performing any actual scraping on the knee, and stitch them back up. The results were amazing, observed over a 3 year period, the group (B) that didn’t have anything done actually performed better then the patients in group (A) that underwent the ‘real’ surgery.

There are some similar stories about the power of the mind and its healing capabilities through many different healers over the years. One great healer from the 1800’s was Phineus Parkhurst Quimby. He treated many patients using various alternative techniques eventually leading him to the solution that the healing actually occurred by changing the associated thoughts and beliefs of the patients. Some details are available on the website containing the works by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Resource Center. I plan to elaborate more on the power of the mind when it comes to health in future posts, but wanted to briefly discuss this regarding the power of thoughts.

The more you read on the body and documented healings the more you find just how common it is. It continues to capture interests of scientists and medical doctors from all around the world.

Alternative Insights and Remedies

Sometimes its as simple as just taking time for you. By incorporating some you time in your days you will find a greater connection to yourself as well as awakening your passion and joy for life. A deep process of self-actualization and reflection can be very freeing, and while this benefits your health, it provides a great sense of freedom and reduction in stress.

Do what you can to take time for you every day, to reflect and release anything that is weighing you down. Free yourself from any worry, fears, anxiety or guilt and do what you can to reduce stress. If you can spend some time in meditation or in quiet and just reflect upon your thoughts and how you think and feel about yourself.

The power of the mind can assist greatly for health and healing the body. There are many hypnotists out there that help heal people instantaneously through various hypnotic methods. So learning your own mind and thoughts alone can pose a great benefit.

Another thing to observe is your caffeine intake. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of caffeine impact the endocrine system, as some glands produce to little while other organs produce to much, leading to imbalance in the body and impacting the immune system. Additional details about this and various remedies can be found in a book called “Double the Power of Your Immune System by John Heinerman”, which is out of print but you can still find used copies on

Sample remedies…
Here are a few quick and simple remedies for treating the common cold and helping boost the immune system. Quite often its as simple as adding a few teas as your daily beverage or to drink when feeling ill or if you need a boost. For example, Ginger Tea is said to be good for your immune system and help with your digestive process. Another great tea to help with stomach issues or when feeling ill is Traditional Medicinals – Chamomile tea. Another tea that works great for throat health is Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat. Kids enjoy this tea as well due to the natural cherry flavor and smell, and it helps if they are struggling with a cold or sore throat and is caffeine free. Add some drops of Yerba Santa extract to your tea to help with the common cold or other respiratory problems.

One of the more common teas which has been used for thousands of years for treating illness and for overall health is Green Tea. Green tea has a list of benefits as it contains several different vitamins and minerals, as well as many powerful antioxidants. It also contains theanine which is said to help with mental clarity and focus, as well as counter the natural caffeine that exists in green tea, which is substantially lower then coffee. Green tea has also been proven to help with Cholesterol, as it helps lower the bad and raise the good, as well as help artery function. The above just contains a few of the many benefits Green Tea provides. Some cultures drink 8-10 cups of green tea a day and many recommend the same for good health and longevity. Adding some lemon to the tea helps with taste and also helps with digestive process, liver cleansing, and with alkalinity in the body. Some of my favorites are Gunpowder Green Tea as a lose tea in bulk, and also some in form of tea bag which are more convenient for on the go, such as Numi – Gunpowder Green Tea.

Additional Reading…
A great introductory book for health and healing is called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. She battled cancer herself and wrote about various aspects of thoughts and how they correspond to the body and its ability to heal, based on her experience. Another great book on health and the power of the mind is called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. There are also several great classics such as As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. These are just a few of the many great books out there for health and well being.

Facilities and Treatment Centers

The following consists of various treatment centers and methods around the world for treating an imbalance in the body also known as dis-ease. Some of these treatment centers really focus on a complete system, and take a whole mind body and spirit approach to health and healing. They combine nutrition and alternative options along with standard care for treating the body with great success.

The Gerson Institute provides alternative, non-toxic treatments for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Dr Gerson himself dealt all all kinds of adversity from the medical establishment and still pursued his methods of treating disease in a healthy holistic manor. There are several fascinating and informative books on this site regarding cancer and alternative therapies. As well as some on several successful cases after conventional treatments failed. For more details on their books, and methods check out

True North Health Center integrates some of the top medical care with proven complementary therapies. This is a great place to go for a controlled monitored fast followed up by a high nutrient diet. This is very effective allowing patients to detox from everything and completely reboot and heal their body. They also have a non-profit site that contains more information about their programs.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a leader in Nutritional Medicine focusing on preventative, as well as reversing dis-ease and autoimmune diseases via high nutrition-based diets. He has written several great books such as Eat to Live for health and prevention, and if your interested in learning about fasting, this book he co-authored and is filled with amazing information Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease. He was also in a recent documentary called Fat Sick & Nearly Dead which is about fasting to heal the body.

Spring Forest Qigong was started by Chunyi Lin, where he has simplified Qigong for health and healing. They have various training opportunities if you wish to learn Qigong and incorporate it as a daily practice for your health, or you can take a trip to his center in Minneapolis, MN for treatments. They have treated several people with great results and Chunyi Lin has also been asked to assist medical Doctors in that area. Spring Forest also offers various classes and retreats to enhance your skill and understanding for Qigong with options for you to learn how to help and treat others. I have studied more traditional styles of Qigong and also attended Spring Forest training, and this style is simple to learn and can be extremely powerful for health and healing. For more details check out their site

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a history of over 5 thousand years and really outlines and understands the body and how it functions. Quite often an issue will develop in one organ but is actually coming from something else entirely. With everything being connected TCM understands how to trace further up in the channels to locate and treat the cause thereby avoiding a more serious issue. Their styles of Qigong are equally effective. For more details on Traditional Chinese Medicine and others styles of Qigong for health and healing check out

Also, here is a great site for additional information about healing cancer naturally The site is loaded with lots of great information for reviewing various alternative options.

The mind alone has amazing capabilities but is limited based on beliefs. So whatever option you choose make sure to choose what is most true for you. You may also find great benefit by combining standard care with alternative methods for ease of pain or comfort, or to merely help with the healing process.

Until next time…

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